Paula Libreros

Senior Account Manager – NYC Business Solutions, Queens Center

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Paula Libreros, a savvy small business consultant, has been with the NYC Business Solutions Queens Center for over nine years. As a Senior Account Manager at NYC Business Solutions – which provides a suite of services under the Department of Small Business Services of New York City – Paula has assisted aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses to initiate, develop, operate, and expand their business endeavors.

Paula graduated from Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY in 2005 with a major in International Marketing and a minor in Small Business Management. Being fluent in Spanish has allowed her to work closely with the Latin community and foster strong affiliations in the most culturally diverse area in the world, the borough of Queens. She demonstrates a passion for cultivating business culture by participating with a variety of entities – commercial, governmental, nonprofit, and community-based organizations – providing countless one-on-one business consultations and delivering informative presentations.