Quadri Olanlege

Senior Account Manager – NYC Business Solutions, Queens Center

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Quadri is a Senior Account Manager in the NYC Business Solutions Queens Center. In this role, he educates clients on what it means to become an entrepreneur and the various resources available in NYC. He supports the delivery of a series of courses covering topics like marketing, business planning, and financial literacy. He also helps businesses ensure they are up to date on new NYC regulations and/or Safety Guidelines.

Quadri graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2018. Following graduation, he assisted his mother and aunt in running their beauty salon in Brooklyn, NY. He helped them with rebranding and simplifying their operations through technology. Being exposed to the constant challenges entrepreneurs face is what drove Quadri to join Next Street and the Queens Business Solutions Center team.

On working at Next Street

“Next Street is fully committed to serving those that are under-served and giving them the tools to be successful.”

Outside of Next Street

Outside of Next Street you can catch Quadri strolling through New York with his headphones and camera, capturing the simple wonders of the city that never sleeps. You’ll also find him at the local YMCA, staying fit and working with local youth.

Get to know Quadri

  • Foreign languages: Mandarin
  • NABA Financial Literacy and Mentorship Committee member
  • Abundant Life Christian Center church volunteer
  • Member of NXST for Inclusive Impact