NYC Business Solutions Centers Surpass Goals Helping Business Owners

By August 16, 2019 August 19th, 2019 News

Next Street has always recognized that small businesses deserve access to expert advice and capital. Although they are engines of inclusive economic growth in the United States, they experience persistent structural barriers that make it difficult for them to launch, sustain, and grow their business. Our mission is to ensure that our clients provide capital, customers, and services to help change this narrative.

Since 2012, Next Street has served as an operator of a NYC Business Solutions Center, funded by The New York City Department of Small Business Services.  Each Center serves as a one-stop resource center where entrepreneurs and small business owners can connect to a wide array of resource – free of charge. We currently operate two NYC Business Solutions Centers in Queens and Lower Manhattan. In the last year, we have:

Next Street operated Business Solutions Centers 2018-2019 By The Numbers impact

Through all of our small business programs, we provide direct support to thousands of businesses across the country each year. Our programs:

  1. Connect small businesses to legal, financial, and regulatory experts
  2. Provide critical new skills to improve business acumen and decision making
  3. Build plans of action to make improvements that will help businesses secure more contracts and capital

We will continue to design, develop, and deliver programs and solutions for our clients that will enable these vital economic engines to generate wealth or their families and communities.