Nonprofit grocery store Daily Table: An oasis in a food desert

By November 6, 2015 November 16th, 2015 News

Daily-Table-Nonprofit-GroceryAmericans waste 133 billion pounds of food a year — enough to fill the Rose Bowl every day for a year. Meanwhile, 14 percent of households in America regularly face insecurity, that is, the ability to provide adequate nutrition for all family members.

Statistics like these inspired former Trader Joe’s president (and Next Street client) Doug Rauch to open Daily Table, the country’s first nonprofit supermarket. Here’s how it works: Daily Table visits major supermarket chains to collect healthy food that’s past its prime and sells it at a deep discount to residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods. Any food that’s reached the end of its shelf life by the time it arrives at Daily Table is used to prepare inexpensive, well-balanced grab-and-go meals.

When the first Daily Table opened in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston in June 2015, it was an instant hit with the low- to middle-income community, and quickly captured the attention of the national news media. Here are some highlights of the coverage.

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