Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Data Is Key To Unlocking Better Small-Business Lending Decisions: Small business owners need data to run their business effectively—from hiring to creating staffing schedules to purchasing inventory. More than that, small businesses need their partners to utilize data to help them grow, to help them ensure their future.

Sales are off, costs are soaring. For some small-business owners, the recession has already arrived: President Biden and Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell insist the country can avoid a recession, but don’t try telling that to small business owners already facing sliding sales amid soaring inflation. For many of them, the hard times are already here.

In Praise of CDFIs, and Why We Need Them Now More Than Ever: CDFIs are a collaborative force that brings together diverse private and public sector investors to create economic opportunity in communities.

Survey finds many small-business owners juggle debt: Many owners of small businesses tap into personal savings and even personal retirement funds to keep their businesses going, a survey commissioned recently by the website business.org found.