Heard on the Street: small firms shut out of borrowing binge, B Corp movement grows, and more Americans becoming self employed

By August 17, 2020 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Much of America Is Shut Out of The Greatest Borrowing Binge Ever: Unprecedented government stimulus has allowed more companies to borrow at lower rates than ever before. Yet amid the credit boom, smaller firms that power America’s economic engine are often being shut out, hamstringing the recovery just as it begins.

The B Corp Movement Goes Big: The campaign to reform capitalism by making companies prioritize stakeholders could never succeed without getting large multinational corporations on board. Now that Danone, Laureate Education, and Natura have signed on, the B Corp movement is demonstrating how it can be done.

Americans Rush to Be Their Own Bosses as Covid Hits Job Market: Whether out of necessity or a fondness for working in one’s pajama bottoms, Americans are filing paperwork to become their own bosses at a clip one economist calls “off the charts.”

Why You Need a Supplier-Diversity Program: A handful of socially conscious major companies have long played a role in addressing racial injustice through supplier diversity programs. As the spotlight on systemic racism roils the US, these programs are more important than ever, yet too few companies have them and many of those who do have allowed their diversity initiatives to become token gestures.