Heard on the Street: sustainable investing, growth in Chatham, and more

By December 4, 2017 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Three saving graces that can help foundations dodge three deadly perils: At last month’s SoCap conference, Mission Investors Exchange led a panel on foundations’ leadership role in impact investing. In follow up, Heron’s Clara Miller shares her views on some of the progress foundations have made, and the “deadly perils” that they face on the path forward.

To Create More Economic Dynamism, Empower Entrepreneurs of Color: “Fiddling with tax rates won’t solve the underlying crisis that’s been brewing for decades: Our failure to invest in future entrepreneurs–the engines of job creation.”

Sustainable investment joins the mainstream: Millennials represent the future of sustainable investing. “In the coming decades, they will inherit pots of money. Unlike many of their baby-boomer parents, they believe in sustainable investing.”

Neighborhoods in Chicago: New Data and Insights from Practitioners and Policymakers: The latest ProfitWise from the Chicago Federal Reserve reviews some of the challenges facing the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, and highlights the work of the Greater Chatham Initiative, a local community development organization supporting the neighborhood.