Heard on the Street: New impact investing fund launches, changes to CRA, and supporting the ‘new women’s movement’

By January 27, 2020 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Citi Launches $150 Million Impact Investing Fund: Citi announced the launch of the $150 million Citi Impact Fund that will make equity investments in “double bottom line” private sector companies that have a positive impact on society, focused on addressing issues related to workforce development, financial capability, physical and social infrastructure, and sustainability.

A tale of Two Community Reinvestment Act Proposals: The three federal agencies who are in charge of enforcing the CRA want to update how they enforce it, and they’ve unveiled a pair of competing proposals that are sharply at odds with each other. The end result could dramatically affect the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars in loans and investments a year.

How to Support Women Who Became Entrepreneurs out of Necessity: The Great Recession prompted a considerable increase in new businesses started by women entrepreneurs, particularly among women of color. This growth, termed the “New Women’s Movement,” illustrated the tenacity of women entrepreneurs and has for many reshaped the perception of women business owners.

How to fight racism using science: It seems we can’t move for comments about race dominating our media landscape, but there are some fights for which you can arm yourself in advance – and when the argument is about race, the weapon of choice is science.