Heard on the Street: DEI, implications of who manages wealth in cities, and how AI could help small businesses

By June 10, 2019 News

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Breaking Through Barriers to Racial Equity: The latest series by SSIR aims to shake up contemporary discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion, commonly referred to as its decorous, innocuous acronym, “DEI.”

Who Manages Wealth Matters for Cities: Racial wealth inequality is staggering enough on its own. White median household wealth is $171,000, compared with just $17,600 for black households. But the lack of representation among those managing wealth may be even more staggering.

Is America Losing Its Small Businesses?: Amid the extensive commentary over the income gap between rich and poor, some have become troubled by a gap of another sort. They have identified a widening difference between the profitability of small businesses and large.

How AI Could Help Small Businesses: As technology opens the doors to vast troves of data, opportunities are emerging to create new insights on a small business’s health and prospects. Insights from this data have the potential to resolve defining issues that have faced lenders and borrowers in the sector.