Heard on the Street: awaiting rules on OZones, NY’s aging population, and how universities can support women entrepreneurs

By March 18, 2019 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

MacArthur’s Choice of a White Man With a Pedigree Set Back the Fight on Racial Equity: The MacArthur Foundation had an opportunity to break with philanthropy’s elitist origins when it selected its new president. Instead, it doubled down on pedigree.

Investors Eagerly Await Trump Rules on Opportunity Zones: A new batch of tax regulations from the Treasury Department will establish the most comprehensive guidelines yet for what sorts of investments qualify for tax benefits associated with opportunity zones, which were created by the 2017 tax law, and how investors must proceed in order to take advantage of them.

New York’s Older Adult Population is Booming Statewide: Over the past decade the number of New Yorkers ages 65 and over increased by 26 percent, making up a larger share of the state’s population than ever before. This data analysis provides a new level of detail about the aging of the population in cities and counties across New York State and finds that the aging population is not only driving population growth statewide, but is more diverse than ever before.

How Universities Can Support Women-Led Entrepreneurship: By taking some simple steps to support women entrepreneurs, accelerator programs like those at the University of California, MIT, and University of San Diego can help reduce notable gender disparities in America’s startup landscape.