Heard on the Street: ending predatory small business lending, launching minority-owned co-ops, and black women in Chicago getting things done

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

This is how we can end predatory practices in small business lending: When Opportunity Fund realized the scale of the problems created by an unregulated lending landscape, they co-authored the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights, calling for self-regulation by the industry as a first step to protecting small businesses.

Launching Minority-Owned Co-ops Takes More Than Good Intentions: Madison, WI has long been a hotbed for co-ops, but the surrounding county has had striking racial disparities for decades. Communities of color have valuable input to offer the co-op initiative to learn how to work around hurdles like having few assets or a low credit score.

Black Women in Chicago, Getting Things Done: Incoming Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s victory is part of a broader trend of black women emerging as the most influential political voices in the city. Black feminists, in particular, are securing progressive victories in a place where that long seemed impossible.

Podcast: Small-business lending is changing fast: The largest banks in the country can afford to invest billions in new technology every year, so how can a community bank possibly keep up in this digital age? Karen Mills has some ideas about that.