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Heard on the Street: small businesses boxed out, Build Back better, and fintech trends

By November 8, 2021Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

In the supply chain battle of 2021, small businesses are losing out to Walmart and Amazon: Independent retailers are getting squeezed out as suppliers, factories and freight companies prioritize national brands: ‘We’re at the whim of a broken supply chain.’

What does the Build Back Better Framework mean for BIPOC communities?: Brookings asked a group of scholars who are focused on domestic policy to provide their immediate reactions to different aspects of the Build Back Better plan.

How Fintech Lending Trends Benefit Small Businesses: As the fintech industry continues to grow, many fintech lenders are attempting to disrupt the small business lending market by leveraging the latest technology in AI and data analytics.

Spreading the wealth: Black-owned investment firms tackle the racial finance gap: A new generation of wealth managers are aiming to break ‘systemic barriers’ that made investing inaccessible for Black Americans