Heard on the Street: a love letter to entrepreneur organizations, a new framework for collective impact, and more

By November 25, 2019 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

A love letter to entrepreneurship support organizations: Entrepreneur Support Organizations help current or aspiring entrepreneurs move closer to starting or growing a viable business. The impact of ESOs is immeasurable – and support for them is critical to our communities and economy.

Community System Solutions Framework Offers an Alternative to Collective Impact Model: Better ways of describing how coalitions collaborate exist and naming these variations can help guide local leaders and the diverse communities they serve.

How Women Entrepreneurs Are Breaking Free Of The Pay Gap (And The Best Cities To Be In): Historically, women have controlled a vast majority of small to medium consumer choices, representing trillions of dollars in revenue. But how long will we have to wait for that purchasing power to transform into full executive power and representation?

What Happens When Black People Search for Suburban Homes: An undercover investigation on Long Island found that real estate agents treated people of color unequally 40 percent of the time.