Heard on the Street: funding minority entrepreneurs, building community wealth, and more

By April 23, 2018 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Boston Tech Accelerator Aims To Fix ‘Dividing Line’ In Funding For Minority Entrepreneurs: Smarter In The City, the first high-tech accelerator in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, aims to increase the funding that goes to tech companies owned by minority entrepreneurs.

City Halls Now Hiring For Community Wealth Building: Cities around the country are starting to hire staff dedicated to “community wealth building,” which recognizes that minorities often suffer from high unemployment, and don’t have access to the job opportunities that they need. These offices focus on assisting low income residents with a range of services, including housing and workforce development, food security, and child care.

A Study of Two Americas – and How to Bring them Closer: In response to a new study, Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States: An Intergenerational Perspective, LISC’s director of Research and Evaluation discusses how neighborhoods help advance or undermine racial equality in America.

Maximizing the impact of new Opportunity Zones requires transparency and citizen engagement: The new Opportunity Zones program is decidedly place-specific, but place-based policies have had varying levels of success in the past. The author argues that the program may not be successful in driving resources to the communities with the most need, and suggests a few ways to ensure that isn’t the case.