Heard on the Street: Solar energy financing, micromanufacturing, and more

By February 12, 2018 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

CEI launches subsidiary to finance high-impact, mid-scale solar projects: CEI has officially launched Bright Community Capital, which will invest equity, debt, and tax equity in non-residential solar projects in low- to moderate-income communities. The new subsidiary will help transition communities to cleaner energy, while creating quality jobs and providing workforce training.

Brooklyn Army Terminal introduces micromanufacturing hub for smaller businesses: The Brooklyn Army Terminal and NYCEDC recently opened a new Micromanufacturing Hub that will provide spaces for smaller industrial manufacturing companies. The new spaces are available for traditional manufacturers, advanced manufacturers, and food manufacturers, as well as “Made in NYC” companies, which include garment manufacturers and TV/media production companies.

How delivery apps may put your favorite restaurant out of business: Many restaurant owners claim that ad “delivery increases, our profitability decreases.” As small businesses seek to grow, it’s important for owners to understand how to manage margins to success.

Better Business Support for Early-Stage Social Enterprises: “As in the private sector, the social sector has its “unicorns.” Organizations such as Room to Read, Kiva, One Acre Fund, UpStream, Education Super Highway, and Crisis Text Line all raised extraordinary amounts of early capital that allowed them to scale quickly. But they are the exception.”