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By July 23, 2018 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Addressing the Financial Health Needs of Small Business Owners: A new report from CFSI that highlights the four financial health needs that are especially relevant for small business owners, and shares more information about innovators hat are working to support entrepreneurs’ financial health.

JPMorgan Chase, Fifth Third invest in a $5.5 million fund for minority entrepreneurs in Chicago: The Chicago Entrepreneurs of Color Fund, designed based on a similar fund in Detroit, will boost minority entrepreneurs on Chicago’s South and West Sides. It will provide capital, training, and technical services to businesses with growth potential, focusing on those that often struggle to qualify for traditional loans.

Browsing to Borrow: “Mom & Pop” Small Business Perspectives on Online Lenders: A new report out by the Federal Reserve examines small business owners’ perceptions of online lenders, and their understanding and interpretation of the information that online lenders use to describe their credit products. The study found that many small business owners participating in the study indicated a need for clear disclosure of product costs and terms.

New Terrain: In Search of Social Justice Impact Investing: The Noyes Foundation recently released a white paper around their process to hire an investment advisor and increase the sector’s knowledge around investing for social justice. The paper outlines some of their suggestions for other foundations interesting in impact investing for social justice.