Heard on the Street: worker-owned cooperatives, small business banking, and more

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

Why doesn’t Chicago have worker-owned cooperatives?: There are approximately 325 worker cooperatives – companies owned and managed by their workers – across the US. Worker-owned co-ops help mitigate inequality and economic injustice, yet they are unrecognized in many states, including Illinois.

Moving Through (Not Around) Racial Equity Work: Lessons from a Community Foundation: The Boston Foundation, one of the oldest community foundations in the country, is setting an example for how community foundations can shape a racial equity lens in their work.

Rethinking Six Management Mantras for Better Innovation: “In the face of constant fiscal pressures, growing demand, and a quickening pace of change,” all social sector organizations must learn to innovate.

Five Banks and Credit Unions Rocking the Small Business Market: “According to FIS, megabanks have the lowest satisfaction rating among small business owners. So why don’t they use smaller institutions? According to research from FIS, one in five small businesses say it was because their local community bank or credit union didn’t offer the products and services they wanted.”