Heard on the Street: aligning endowment with mission, investing in Chicago’s retail corridors, and more

By March 19, 2018 Heard on the Street

Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

With new pledge, another foundation moves to align endowment with mission: The Nathan Cummings Foundation has announced that they will commit to aligning their entire $443 million endowment with its mission, which is focused on fighting climate change and income inequality.

How Ecosystem Builders Can Best Help Entrepreneurs Succeed – A Year of VilCap Communities: A new report summarizes that lessons learned from a 26-city pilot led by Village Capital, intended to improve the outcomes of entrepreneur support organizations.

Investment by women, and in them, is growing: Studies show that a lot of the private wealth that changes hands in the coming decades will go to women. As investors, women are more likely to care about impact investing, act on it with their money, and to more honestly and level headedly appraise the risk of such ventures.

Data Shows How Doubters Are Wrong About Chicago Commercial Corridors: A new study shows that neighborhoods on Chicago’s south and west sides do in fact have the income and desire to support businesses along their commercial corridors, which many major retailers regularly overlook.