Daily Table is the country’s first nonprofit grocery store, which opened its doors for business at the beginning of June 2015.

The store is sharply focused on delivering affordable nutrition in low-income communities at a price point that competes with less healthy options such as fast food.

How We Helped

Over the past few years, Next Street acted as the “engine” to help take this model from concept to reality, and we continue to work as an extension of the core management team. Our work has included:

  • Feasibility assessment and business plan development
  • Engagement with the community and strategic partners
  • Fundraising and capital planning
  • Operational processes and performance measurement tools

Our Impact

  • Assisted the founder in forming a new entity
  • Supported the strategy and efforts to raise more than $3 million in philanthropic commitments to launch the pilot store and prepare for future locations
  • Analytical support to drive financial management, operational performance tracking, and pressure-testing of key levers in the business as the team works towards a scalable, sustainable model

Next Street has been critical in launching Daily Table — without their partnership, we simply would not be here today. I look to the Next Street team when I face tough strategic questions, while also relying on their ability to roll up their sleeves and help get things done.

Doug Rauch, Founder & President

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