Heard on the Street – here’s what we were reading last week:

From Idea to Impact: In the fifth episode of Arabella Advisors’ podcast series, CEO Sampriti Ganguli spoke with Charisse Conanan Johnson, Managing Partner of Next Street, about the transformative power of wealth, and how the field is grappling with both profit and impact.

Small Businesses Get Creative as They Still Struggle With Hiring: Despite signs of a cooling job market, they can’t compete with big companies for workers; ‘We’re not feeling it yet.’

Why the Future of Entrepreneurship Is Small: Given the choice, every entrepreneur should drool at a chance to build an uber-profitable monopoly with no real competitors. But is this a realistic goal for most entrepreneurs? And should those who can’t measure up chalk it up to failure and give up their ambitions?

If Companies Really Want to Do Some Good, They Should Unbundle ‘ESG’ and ‘DEI’: Both ESG and DEI have generated massive industries. But do these letters really fit together logically? Or are they muddlings of buzzwords that are either ineffective or even counterproductive?