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Verizon is committed to helping 1 million underserved small businesses thrive in today’s digital economy.

Over the past year, Verizon and the Verizon Foundation has supported Small Businesses through LISC grants of $17.5M, and now Verizon is working with Next Street to design an integrated, personalized and approachable learning community that gives small businesses the tools they need to be successful in today’s changing world. Verizon Small Business Digital Ready offers:

  • Curated content including structured and self-guided curricula
  • Expert coaches to help businesses apply what they learn
  • Access to peers to share knowledge and build community
  • Incentives to propel small businesses forward

Why Small Business? Why now?

The COVID 19 pandemic forced many small businesses to close, and others to adapt to a more virtual environment almost overnight. This accelerated the trend toward a more digital economy and exacerbated the challenges of those businesses who are not digitally resilient.

of Black-owned businesses closed between Feb-April 2020
of SMBs say COVID made them more reliant on technology
of SMBs need and want to pivot their business
of SMBs don’t have a website

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Become an early adopter and join a part of a of community of Business Service Organizations, Community Development Financial Institutions, Responsible Tech Providers, Foundations, and Investors focused on creating a better future for small businesses.

Case Study

What’s Pop-In

After being a chef his entire life, Stefan Coker decided to start his own business. What’s Pop-In, a gourmet popcorn store, opened in Buffalo, NY in November of 2019, only to close a few months later because of COVID-19. Stefan decided to sell his popcorn online, and soon found himself shipping to over 40 states.

Stefan now wants to expand his business, but doesn’t have the industry networks, revenue, management expertise, or capital to take his business to the next level.

Stefan will have access to everything he needs to grow his business and thrive in an increasingly digital economy.

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