Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and CDFI’s Untapped Potential

By November 19, 2020 November 25th, 2020 NXST In The News

Next Street founder Tim Ferguson recently published an op-ed in American Banker, CDFIs have untapped potential as game changers for minority-owned businesses. “Small-business ownership has long created generational wealth, especially within communities of color. Thus, supporting underserved entrepreneurs is a key pillar of developing successful, equitable communities. However, one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses and entrepreneurs is access to capital. For a country that has one of the most vibrant capital markets in the world, the challenge remains in getting the right kind of investment to those who need it most.”

Managing Partner Charisse Conanan Johnson recently published an op-ed in Fortune in honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – To jump-start America’s economy, invest in women entrepreneurs of color. “In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and civil unrest that has decimated small businesses, we need governments, corporate institutions, financial institutions, and individuals to think boldly and create avenues for capital and programs that will truly help women of color continue to innovate and contribute to our economic growth in heightened ways.”