A new kind of company

Next Street provides advice and capital solutions to revitalize communities, grow businesses, create jobs, and deliver financial and social returns to our partners. Ready to take the next step?


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We connect the dots

Sustained economic development requires leadership and collaboration across all sectors. We serve as a trusted advisor to some of the most dynamic organizations in the country’s most complex markets, establishing relationships that deliver significant and measureable results for our clients.


We look for high-potential businesses that are ready to take the next step, and help them anticipate and navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with growth.


We partner with nonprofit executives to help scale their organization’s impact, increase sustainability, and build the case for investment.


We help traditional as well as impact investors develop pragmatic strategies to generate financial and social returns.

Large institutions

We help hospitals, universities, and large corporations make strategic community investments that align their long-term goals and the vitality of the local economy.


We collaborate with government agencies to capitalize on local assets to drive economic growth and job creation.

Our clients

Next Street works with organizations that are innovative, forward-thinking, and growth-oriented. Many of our clients are category leaders within their industries and thought leaders among their peers. They hire us because they are seeking a partner that will deliver results as they navigate major decisions — whether in planning, implementation, or both.


Blue State Digital

We helped the leading digital strategy firm evolve its structure and revenue streams to sustain a period of rapid growth.

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