A better future for small business

Next Street is revolutionizing how our clients provide capital, customers, and services to small businesses and entrepreneurs

We connect the dots

We partner with public and private institutions to drive growth for small business.

 We’re successful when our clients serve more small businesses better.

Financial Institutions

We work with traditional and alternative financial institutions to broaden how they connect with small businesses.

Government Agencies

We collaborate with government agencies to design and deliver programs that serve small businesses and entrepreneurs.


We help foundations develop and implement grant-making and impact investing strategies to drive inclusive growth.

Businesses Service Organizations

We partner with business service organizations to ensure access to the best tools, strategies, connections, and financing for growth.


We help corporations connect to and invest in small businesses that are critical to their success.


Introducing Next Street Capital

Transforming the relationship between small business capital providers and investors by providing the knowledge, tools, and structures to manage their capital effectively.

Our clients

From large banks to community foundations, our clients are companies, organizations, and institutions that believe in small businesses. They hire us for our small business expertise and ability to deliver solutions where others can’t.

deployed by our clients to small businesses in 2018
small businesses served through work with our clients in 2019

The latest from Next Street

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