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NXST in the News

712, 2022

3 Things We Learned Moving To A Transparent Pay Approach

By Next Street|Dec07,2022|Categories: NXST In The News|

In Q1 2022, Next Street made two major changes to its compensation approach to make it more equitable and transparent. First, we created consistent compensation bands for the entire firm, so team members at [...]

610, 2022

The Fund for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

By Next Street|Oct06,2022|Categories: NXST In The News|

Earlier this week, Hyphen launched the Fund for Inclusive Entrepreneurship to expand access to capital for small businesses owned by people of color, leveraging $10 billion in ARP funding through Treasury’s State Small Business Credit [...]

510, 2022

Vice President Announces New EOC Efforts

By Next Street|Oct05,2022|Categories: NXST In The News|

On October 4th, Vice President Harris and Treasury Secretary Yellin used the annual Freedman’s Bank Forum to highlight the administration’s focus on racial equity. As part of that, they released a fact sheet announcing the [...]

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