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Next Street, New York, NY

A diverse team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and problem solvers, we’re focused on realizing the potential of every small business. Our commitment to our mission runs deep – as many of us are small business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves. We build products with the best interest of small businesses. We shop locally. We hang out with small business advocates. We’re committed to being anti-racist – challenging unjust systems that stifle business potential.

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Samantha Berg
Samantha BergManaging Partner
Charisse Conanan Johnson
Charisse Conanan JohnsonManaging Partner
Michael Roth
Michael RothManaging Partner

Dine in or take-out?

Cydnee DeToy
Cydnee DeToyPartner, Chief of Staff
Katie Johnson
Katie JohnsonPartner
Ann Lewis
Ann LewisChief Technology Officer
Donald Jones
Donald JonesPartner
Stephen Nunes
Stephen NunesPartner

Senior Advisors

Tim Ferguson
Tim FergusonFounder and Chairman of the Board
Barry Davis
Barry DavisBoard Member

Favorite reading material?


New Route Photography

Employee Small Business Spotlight

Joshua Pearson
Senior Manager of People & Culture

Joshua is responsible for people strategy and implementation, recruiting, performance management, culture, and engagement efforts. Outside of work, Joshua is an avid photographer and shares his adventures on his website New Route Photography.


Elsi Aga
Elsi AgaSenior Account Manager
Jose Aleman
Jose AlemanSenior Account Manager
Sierra Armstrong
Sierra ArmstrongCoordinator, HR & Operations
languages spoken
Ryan Arnold
Ryan ArnoldAccount Manager
Katie Beach
Katie BeachSenior Manager, Marketing & Business Development
Maddie Bianchi
Maddie BianchiAssociate
Henry Burbank
Henry BurbankManager

What languages do we speak?

Albanian, Ateso, Bengali, English, French, Fuzhounese Chinese, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Luganda, Mandarin, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Urdu

Marian Cicolello
Marian CicolelloDirector
John DeLeon
John DeLeonDirector
Hannah Dennis
Hannah DennisSenior Manager
Ricardo Devallon
Ricardo DevallonCenter Director

What gets us up in the morning?

Sara Dinges
Sara DingesSenior Manager
Stanley Dutervil
Stanley DutervilSenior Account Manager
Joanne Eriaku
Joanne EriakuSenior Manager

Most niche sport?



Sylvia Fisher
Sylvia FisherManager
 Nicole Green
Nicole GreenDirector, Legal & Compliance
Bryan Guevara
Bryan GuevaraAccount Manager
Rian Irani
Rian IraniSenior Manager
Jason Johnson
Jason JohnsonDirector
Annika Jonas-Day
Annika Jonas-DayAssociate
Beth Lampson
Beth LampsonSenior Manager
Spencer Lau
Spencer LauSenior Manager

Most trusted recommendations?

a friend
user reviews
Emily Lindo
Emily LindoSenior Account Manager
Cristian Lopez
Cristian LopezManager
Laureen Makrinos
Laureen MakrinosSenior Manager

Favorite small

too many to

Samantha Merin
Samantha MerinManager
Bryan Miller
Bryan MillerSenior Manager, Finance & Operations
Will Moss
Will MossManager
Tyler Patterson
Tyler PattersonAnalyst
Joshua Pearson
Joshua PearsonSenior Manager, People & Culture
Piero Pertile
Piero PertileDirector, Finance & Administration
Alexander Pingry
Alexander PingryManager

of the team believes in the power of small business

Matt Pitarresi
Matt PitarresiSenior Account Manager
Richard Portilla
Richard PortillaAccount Manager
Samiul Prantar
Samiul PrantarAssociate
Marc Punnette
Marc PunnetteManager
Matthew Revere
Matthew RevereDeputy Director
Rachel Ruskin
Rachel RuskinSenior Manager

Most niche dance class?


Natalie Shults
Natalie ShultsAccount Manager
Dixon Sperry
Dixon SperrySenior Manager
Joan Spirytus
Joan SpirytusDirector
Carlos Sugrañes
Carlos SugrañesDeputy Director
Alexandra Tesser
Alexandra TesserSenior Manager
Jessica Uy
Jessica UyManager
Jocelyn Walters
Jocelyn WaltersDirector
Matthew Zayas
Matthew ZayasManager
Jason Zheng
Jason ZhengSenior Manager