Stephany Reyes-Seri

Senior Account Manager – NYC Business Solutions, Lower Manhattan Center

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Stephany is a Senior Account Manager at NYC Business Solutions, a partnership between Next Street and New York City’s Department of Small Business Services in Lower Manhattan. In her current role, Stephany is responsible for connecting small businesses with capital solutions to start, operate, and grow. She also plays an active role in guiding and managing the financing-related work of other staff members and is the point person for many of the Center’s key lender partnerships.

Prior to this role, Stephany worked for several financial institutions assisting low- and moderate- income clients with their business needs. Stephany’s background is not limited to the financial sector, as she has also worked for the Obama campaign and administration. Stephany received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University. She enjoys giving back to the community, volunteering on a weekly basis helping generation X adults understand healthy eating habits, strengthening exercises, and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.