New report from Next Street and sponsored by The James Irvine Foundation details challenges and offers solutions

Small businesses in California are drivers of economic opportunity. However, California’s small businesses are at a crossroads, and it’s critical that we build a social infrastructure to foster entrepreneurship and expand quality job creation.

Based on a comprehensive, multi-year study, the report explores the role that small businesses play in creating quality jobs for California’s low-wage workers, identifies the gaps in the state’s small business and workforce development efforts, and proposes solutions to spur quality job creation and economic mobility for workers.

The report recommends policy and program reforms that will impact California small businesses and their workers by:

  1. Expanding access to diverse small business capital
  2. Creating trusted avenues for business support to build management expertise
  3. Increasing channels to access market opportunities
  4. Connecting small businesses with local workforces
  5. Fostering targeted support for small businesses to spur quality job creation