Laureen Makrinos
Laureen MakrinosSenior Manager, Content & Curriculum

Laureen is a Senior Manager of Curriculum Development. Prior to joining Next Street, she spent a decade working in Learning Development for various companies both private and public. She has worked as an Instructor, Instructional Designer, and Learning Manger facilitating, crafting, and strategizing curriculum. Laureen has a passion for giving people knowledge and resources to improve in their jobs and in life.

Laureen has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Performing Arts -Theatre from Columbia College Chicago. With this combination of skills, Laureen started a production company, Jerky Bear Productions, with her husband. She works as the creative director, developing engaging video content for businesses. Laureen is an Apple certified Instructor and technician, as well as a certified CELTA Instructor who taught and mentored the West African and Latin communities of Harlem.

On working at Next Street

What brought me to Next Street was the opportunity to build a Learning Department and make a difference for small businesses.

Employee Small Business Spotlight

Outside of Next Street, Laureen and her husband run Jerky Bear Productions, where they help local businesses by shooting promotional content that connects their products to their vision.

Outside of Next Street

When she’s not at work. Laureen likes to spend time with family, traveling to many different countries.

Get to know Laureen

  • Foreign languages: French