Megan Cook
Megan CookAccount Manager

Megan is an Account Manager at the NYC Business Solutions Lower Manhattan Center. She is responsible for identifying opportunities for job creation for small businesses and guiding them through the recruitment and training processes. Her prior experience is highlighted by her ability to build and manage relationships with key stakeholders.

On working at Next Street

I’m here because I firmly believe that the strategic and responsible approach NXST takes to its work not only helps clients foster the growth needed to meet their goals, but is also what’s best for the community’s sustainable economic development.

Megan served two terms of AmeriCorps at Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI) in Buffalo, NY and NYC Mayor’s Office of Volunteerism, NYC Service. At WEDI, she was able to get a taste for how supportive small business counseling and financial advisory services could affect the trajectory of their clients. While at NYC Mayor’s Office, she worked with small businesses and corporate partners to engage in corporate social responsibility that supported City agencies. Megan graduated from Canisius College, where she earned a degree in Marketing.

Outside of Next Street

When she’s not at work, Megan can be found sampling New York City’s range of coffee or testing out a new recipe.