Natalie Shults
Natalie ShultsManager

Natalie Shults is a Manager in Next Street’s New York office.

Prior to joining Next Street, Natalie worked in the fashion industry at companies ranging from start-up to global, as well as running her own small business selling vintage clothing, home goods and houseplants. In early 2021, Natalie launched a pop-up flea market in Brooklyn that provided a platform for 30+ small businesses per market to sell and reach new audiences.

Natalie studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

On working at Next Street

I am so excited to be a part of the team at Next Street to provide personal service to local small businesses every day. I believe New York’s small businesses are a big part of what makes it such a special place and am committed to helping them thrive.

Employee Small Business Spotlight

Outside of Next Street, Natalie runs Rae Plants and Vintage, as well as a pop-up flea market for local small businesses to sell and reach new audiences.

Outside of Next Street

When she’s not at work Natalie enjoys eating at all of New York’s great restaurants, rollerblading on the Brooklyn piers, taking the ferry, and thrifting.