Next Street equips clients with the same level of talent and expertise that premier advisory firms provide to Fortune 500 companies. We have a 13-year track record of driving economic development, working side by side with our clients’ leadership to drive practical, actionable change through a strategic lens.

Our services

Small Businesses

We work closely with small business owners and their teams to achieve growth and improve performance. Our work often includes:

Growth strategy

Increasing market share, extending product and service lines, and entering and building new markets.

Operational improvement

Driving efficiency and profitability through all parts of the business.

Financial management and planning

Optimizing cash flow, capital structure, and investing in growth.

Organizational effectiveness

Defining key roles, organizational structure and decision-making, work processes, and cultivating leadership and culture.

Succession planning

Preparing the financial and management plan to transition leadership and ownership, as well as capturing and distributing the value in the business.


We guide nonprofits to high-impact, sustainable plans and help them engage and collaborate with their boards and funders.

Strategic planning

Defining the organization’s distinctive assets, positioning, and objectives, with a supporting program portfolio and funding model.

Capital planning

Creating multi-year financial plans that match philanthropic and impact investment to strategic and programmatic goals.

Earned revenue

Developing and managing revenue-generating service lines that drive impact and lead to sustainability.

Organizational effectiveness

Designing roles, structure, and talent strategy; coaching leaders and teams; training high-performing boards.


We provide advice to investors, financial institutions, foundations, and community development organizations to unlock the potential of mission-aligned capital to transform communities.

Strategic planning

Developing forward-looking strategy grounded in robust internal and external market research as activities shift toward sustainably realizing social impact.

Investment advisory

Developing portfolio strategy and providing syndication and direct asset management for traditional and impact investors who are seeking to align assets to mission.

Structuring and deploying capital

Designing and structuring customized vehicles to meet investors’ economic development and impact objectives, often combining capital types and sources in new ways.

Investee advisory

Providing strategic planning, operational support, and organizational design services to recipients of capital to ensure funds are effectively utilized to achieve desired outcomes and investor financial returns.

Large Enterprises

We work with forward-thinking institutions to develop innovative community development and engagement strategies.

Economic development and inclusion

Strategically leveraging institutional investments in operations, real estate, and infrastructure to catalyze growth in jobs and opportunities for local businesses and residents, including:

  • Access and inclusion  Aligning administrative functions, designing community programs, and creating access to institutional resources in a way that empowers the entire community.
  • Procurement  Building a front-to-back solution for sourcing, engaging, and developing small and diverse businesses in the supply chain.
  • Workforce  Establishing policies and processes to attract, develop, and advance talent from diverse and underserved communities.
  • Real estate and infrastructure  Shaping community development plans in connection with master planning and redevelopment projects that address critical public needs and opportunities and link to broader municipal goals.

Coalition-building and collaboration

Designing local and regional strategies and partnerships across institutions, philanthropy, and government.

Aligning community engagement activities with the core business

Creating innovative, high-impact programs and pathways to deliver core services (education, health care, research, training) to members of the surrounding communities in a way that advances institutional competitiveness.


We work with city and state leaders, quasi-public agencies, and public-private partnerships to translate high-level economic development goals and strategic priorities into action — across both traditional and innovative models.

Economic development

Translating high-level strategy and priorities to programmatic and financial plans at the municipal, regional, and state level; often as part of, or following on, a strategy-setting process.

Small-business strategy

Developing a deep fact base and a grounded, multi-faceted strategic plan for supporting the formation, development, and performance of small businesses in a city or region.

Capital innovation

Developing new capital structures and deployment strategies for traditional and impact capital to invest in economic development and social equity initiatives.

Sector strategies

Working hand-in-hand with economists and other researchers to assess sector-based trends in business growth and job creation, translating complex analysis into tangible opportunities with practical solutions that can be put into action.  

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Brooklyn Navy Yard

We performed financial analyses and created an operational plan to help the urban industrial park attract and serve tech-driven and socially responsible tenants.

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