Ricardo Devallon

Director – NYC Business Solutions, Lower Manhattan Center

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Ricardo is the Director of the Business Solutions – Lower Manhattan center. For more than a decade, Ricardo has assisted business owners seeking to uncover solutions to common obstacles that entrepreneurs face every day. As a Finance Account Manager, Ricardo was responsible for connecting small businesses with capital solutions to start, operate, and grow in New York City. His financial analyses help to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of loan candidates.  Ricardo currently leads a staff of Account Managers in providing advisory and technical assistance services to entrepreneurs throughout NYC.

Ricardo started his career as a banker at JPMorgan Chase, where he assisted clients with personal and business finance, retirement planning, and relationship management. He rose through the ranks to become a Small Business Advisor and Assistant Vice President at Chase Bank and worked with entrepreneurs to meet their cash-flow and banking needs. Ricardo was born and raised in Brooklyn amid an abundance of culture, personalities, and passions, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Business Administration from Brooklyn College.