Helping supplier diversity teams do more

How can supplier diversity teams do more business with existing diverse suppliers and build a strong pipeline of contract-ready diverse suppliers that have access to the resources they need? Find out how Momentus Capital and Next Street can help.

The Problem

  • Companies want to do more business with diverse suppliers, but 75% of supplier diversity teams find it challenging to find, vet and approve qualified diverse suppliers
  • Supplier diversity teams have no way to provide direct support to their diverse suppliers
  • Many diverse suppliers find it difficult to access affordable capital and educational resources
  • High counterparty risk and additional costs are incurred by supplier teams when diverse suppliers are not prepared to work with large corporations

The Solution
Addressing these challenges requires building a pipeline of contract-ready suppliers and supporting their continued success. Connecting diverse potential suppliers to affordable capital and quality business advice helps them grow and thrive.

Most supplier diversity teams don’t have the capacity to deliver these resources in-house. Next Street and Momentus Capital offer customized solutions that meet these needs for companies like yours seeking to support diverse suppliers while meeting your ambitious diverse spending targets.

Our combined expertise brings:

  • Access to a range of affordable and responsible capital – key for diverse suppliers looking to scale their operations to fulfill contract opportunities
  • Quality business advice – ensures that business owners are equipped with the knowledge and tools to be effective suppliers and can fully realize their growth potential

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The Momentus Capital-branded family of organizations offer a continuum of capital and technical assistance solutions for diverse entrepreneurs. Momentus has ~$3 billion assets under management and has invested or lent ~$960 million to persons of color over the last 5 years

Next Street is an anti-racist, certified B-Corp with a 20-year track record of success delivering solutions and serves more than 10,000 entrepreneurs annually through direct service programs

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