B2SB Solutions

Solutions Design and Delivery

Consultative services to help you better serve the small businesses you work with.

Zyem NYC, New York, NY

Go-To-Market Support

Reach, engage, and foster relationships with small business owners. Develop messaging and creative assets that resonate, position products for success in underserved markets, and drive awareness and conversion through scalable marketing tactics.

Capital Advisory

With our strategic advice and support, effectively raise and efficiently deploy funding to small businesses facing disproportionate barriers to capital.

NXST Placed-Based
Strategies and

Gain deep knowledge of local and national small business trends, the local composition of small businesses, and the small business resources in your city or region. Use the findings to design programs based on the needs of your community.

Switch Lighting & Design, Cincinnati, OH

NXST Small Business Centers

Deliver small business support through brick-and-mortar centers, ‘live’ office hours, or on-demand resources.

NXST Small Business Program Design and Delivery

Serve your small business community with next generation programming, curriculum, licensed content, and interactive tools and resources.

NXST Capital

Originate, source, structure, and fundraise for innovative small business investment vehicles.

NXST Strategic

Define a path forward for your enterprise based on extensive market research. Set goals, create a plan, and advance your organization to better serve small businesses.

NXST Supplier

Sourcing, capacity building, access to capital, and connections to revenue opportunities – everything your small business suppliers need to successfully deliver on large contracts

Island ProvisionsQueens, NY

We work with a range of impact-driven clients across the small business community, including financial institutions, corporations, local providers, governments and investors.

When we elevate small businesses, we help individuals
and communities reach their potential.

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